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One kilogram. That’s about two pounds. It’s better than nothing, and I’ve been feeling better with all of the additional fruit and vegetables in my diet over the last few months, but I was hoping for more than one. I might have to try being a bit more proactive on the exercise front!

Tonight I’m going to give blood for the second time and I’m hoping the same scales are still there.
Sounds a bit weird, right? What do scales have to do with a blood donation?
For me, revisiting the Blood Centre’s scales been a gentle goal over the past few months. Because I used so many blood products during my pregnancy because of my requirement for anti D, I felt that when the waiting periods allowed I should give back; especially since constant blood tests and shots wore down my aversion to needles. So I booked in and almost three months ago walked over after work. I filled in my paperwork, worrying over points I thought might prevent me donating, and was directed to weigh myself.
Surely not, I thought as I looked at the scale. Surreptitiously, I stepped off of the scale, turned it off with my toe, and turned it on again. Blinked. Swallowed the lump in my throat.
I knew I wasn’t as fit as I was pre-pregnancy. I knew I didn’t want to try putting my old jeans on, and that I wasn’t getting time to exercise. I knew I was eating better than I used to but nowhere near as well as I could. I didn’t know I was still the same weight as around the day after I gave birth.
Since then, I’ve been trying to move a bit more, eat a lot better and fill up on healthy foods without snacking too heavily on energy boosting sugary treats. I’m not hoping for a miracle, just that a little bit of the weight might have shifted and that I won’t be looking at the same unwelcome number on that scale tonight.

Ah Lubba Doo

Learning to understand how toddlers communicate is a bit of an uphill battle, and I remember asking a friend how he managed with his kids during Olivia’s first birthday. His two girls are one and two years older than Olivia and he has a son who’s about six months younger, so his experience is much greater than mine.

He told me that he tried to concentrate on picking out any identifiable word in a sentence and provide a response to that word. HIs younger daughter raced in a moment later, excited because of the new and different cats she was meeting. A stream of toddler happiness punctuated by a couple of obvious words poured out, he winked at me and started talking about the white cat she mentioned seeing.

I kept that piece of information in the back of my mind and figured that sometimes you have to sound out what they’re saying to get an idea, then I got an amazing surprise the other day – sometimes, Olivia gets into cuddly moods, and she was in one when she suddenly got very quiet.

She mumbled something to me quietly that I couldn’t hear.

“Pardon honey?” I said, leaning closer to her on the couch.

“Ah lubba doo” she replied, looking downwards shyly. I didn’t understand for a second and then it dawned on me.

“I love you too baby!” and I leaned in for a cuddle. She has to be in the right mood to say it, but hearing her say that she loves me for the first time was the sweetest thing.


Pigeony Flock

For the last few months..well, years, Pete has been constructing a chicken coop for our flock. They used to free range in the yard because our older dog Sasha didn’t care about them in the slightest, however, Konrad the German Shepherd is a different barrel of monkeys. The type that was once caught towing a chicken around the backyard by her tail feathers, and that rushes at pigeons that dare to land on his territory.

We fenced in the bottom three feet of the coop when we built it to keep the girls safe from Konrad’s attentions, and finished the top panels a couple of months ago. We planned to put mesh over the top eventually, but the local pigeons forced our hand this last week as they’ve taken to dropping in for a feed of whatever the chickens have – their seed and their table scraps!

Pete got the mesh panels finished last night and we looked forward to our feed lasting longer..but we just came home to find 15 pigeons hanging out in our coop! Turns out they found a neat little gap between the mesh and decided to sneak in.

Pete’s managed to chase them off through the hatch we built into the front of the coop for feeding and is out fixing it up now, but his face when he saw pigeons on the roost was priceless!

It’s not the first time strange animals have turned up here and it won’t be the last, but it makes me wonder how often things like this happen to other people!

Harvest Monday – it’s finally summer!

Except it’s not. Tomorrow is the start of Autumn and we’ve just reached a period of sustained warmth that has seen the eggplant and capsicums shoot up. The chilli plants have come on in leaps and bounds and I just haven’t been able to keep up with an active toddler and a hyperactive garden!

Pete has (almost) finished our new compost bays and they’re enormous! We just need to reset the doors, pop on some latches and go and find some horse manure at the properties near a local racecourse and by Spring we should have some lovely compost to use.

Sick cuddles

So far I’ve been really lucky since Olivia was born; up until about three weeks ago neither of us had been sick. Then I got a cold, gave it to Olivia, and a week later we started to get a bit better.

Then last week I started to go downhill again. Yesterday morning I woke up and could hardly hear on one side! Straight to the doctor for some ear drops we went, then to a new little Mexican place close to home for some medicinal Mexican food. The chef cuddled Olivia while we ate our food because thry had just opened and we were the only ones there and we had a good chat before we left.

And now? Feeling much worse. The good food seemed to help for a few hours but last night I started going downhill again, and poor little Olivia’s sniffles have come back, too. Hopefully I’ll be able to get something constructive done soon because I’m starting to feel a bit stir-crazy..for now it’s baby cuddles on the couch and lots of tea!

A new old beginning

Last week I decided to change my domain name. You know how it goes, you get a bright idea and figure it’ll be easy to put into action?

Nope. Nopenopenopenopenopenope.

Consequently, my old posts are unpublished…they’re in there, but I can’t get to them. I’ve put things back the way they were a little bit, but it’s going to take me some time and patience to restore the posts. Time is in short supply when babies need cuddling through their leaps, so it’ll happen when I get to it, rather than being a priority.

And that’s what I’ve spent some of my free time in the last week doing – trying to fix my mess. Oh well, at least I got an interesting learning experience out of it!