Over the last few weeks I’ve been trying to create things a bit more. It makes me feel infinitely better at the end of the day to be able to tell Pete what I did, having done something constructive; rather than the days I have no energy and curl up on the couch with Olivia, salivating over the Food Network shows or surfing Netflix (though those two were life-savers when Olivia was tiny and I was still recovering from surgery). Since we’re coming into winter I won’t be venturing into the garden as much, so I might pick up some craft time there.

So I’ve been making Olivia┬ábibs because she’s hit the drooly stage (bandana bibs are my favourite), I’ve finished a little pair of leggings that I started months ago, and I cut out the pieces for a fox toy that she might like to play with. It’s all possible because she’s calming down a bit, the gap between her fourth and fifth leap returning her to her agreeable self.

I’m also trying to make a little brooch for my friend’s birthday – we’ve got some plants I want to give her as I know how much she wants a garden and can’t have a permanent one yet. I hit on the idea because of this brooch on Etsy, which I’d love to buy her but don’t have the funds for. I’m hoping to make a little Jiji felt brooch BUT since this is the first time I’m trying something like this, I might not do a very good job (and I’m a bit of a perfectionist about this kind of thing!).

Wish me luck!