“This time of year in suburban South Australia is generally pretty warm” is a pretty big understatement. We’re normally watching the long range forecasts in the first few weeks of December trying to figure out contingency plans for Christmas Day, working out who’s got a pool or the best air-conditioning and enough space to host a family get together. New Year’s Eve is a similar affair, and a lot of people generally celebrate at the beach.

This last December has felt a lot milder than previous years, which I think is evidenced by the fact I’ve only seen a handful of ripe tomatoes from a now deceased self seeded Sweet Bite (Konrad has a lot to answer for).

Right now, the Thai chillies are winding up;

This took a while to collect and involved co opting Olivia and her toy bucket to help me. I taught her how to use the front of her shirt to carry things and she stole and ate two underripe plums from the tree. It was pretty cute!

I picked these eggplants (but had a little accident and also cut off a branch with NINE flowers blossoming);

And these zucchinis, after a bumpy start with my flowers mostly being female and hand pollinating for a while;

We’re still getting quite a few eggs, and Panda, our Muscovy, is back on the lay so I’ve been giving Pete’s mum eggs to salt for his dad lately too. As soon as Panda starts making that high pitched nesting Muscovy cheep, the chickens know she’s looking for trouble!

I’m going to get to bed now and don’t have time to try and figure out why my images are displaying sideways.

What have you got going on at the moment? Lots in the garden?

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