Well I must have been tempting fate a bit last weekend with my “it’s been mild” statement. Friday was up to the high 30’s and Saturday came in with a top of 42 in our area! It was harsh. The air conditioner was going most of the day, the dogs napped inside and the poultry got their coop watered more than once. Trying to convince my dear Muscovy Panda to leave her nest while broody was an exercise in futility, but the trust levels are so high that I don’t get nibbled at these days – just a bit of huffing and squeaking (Muscovies don’t adhere to the ‘quacks like a duck’ adage).

Anyway, on to the veggies! I’ve been checking the garden semi regularly and while there seem to be several green tomatoes coming along nicely I’m still without ripe red ones to make myself a Greek salad. A friend from work is taking in some from his father’s garden tomorrow and I’ll be taking some zucchinis as a trade.

As you can see, I had another few hundred grams of Thai chillies. My tiny erstwhile compatriot and garden companion, weary of merely being a fetch and carry assistant, took it upon herself to select a few not quite ripe and blatantly green chillies. She only opens the fridge to get milk out so I’m sure she hasn’t noticed the storage issues I’m currently having!

Jalapeños! These are fairly small and reddened quite early. My plants seem to be producing small jalapeños which I’ll use for pickling and probably some jalapeño jam soon. Bread and butter jalapeños are almost a condiment in this house at the moment, and every jalapeño we grow will be supplemented with stock from a Riverland family that travel to our local market every Sunday.

Here are the first habaneros of the season. The picking of the green ones is a similar story to the Thai chillies, however instead of standing on a strawbale and reaching over, this time Olivia pulled the chicken wire up and pulled off a small branch!

Cucumbers. I was so sad that I didn’t have any a few weeks ago and now I’m wondering what to do with them all. Four plants like the zucchinis, but you know, climbier. It’s getting a bit foresty out there.

What can you really say about zucchinis? They’re crafty, throwing their spiky leaves up to shield their fruit so you only notice a flipping giant specimen because that shady patch looks a little..too..shady? I’ve been pruning their leaves to make locating fruit easier and the chickens have been pleased for the extra greens.

Speaking of spiky! Eggplants! I popped some in the barbeque the other day when Pete was using it, hopefully I can make some baba ghanoush with them. He was smoking with mesquite so I’ll have to see how much flavour they’ve taken on.

And finally, my little plums. I picked these to see how they’re going (apparently still quite tart). Not that it’s stopped Olivia sampling them!


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