Tonight I’m going to give blood for the second time and I’m hoping the same scales are still there.
Sounds a bit weird, right? What do scales have to do with a blood donation?
For me, revisiting the Blood Centre’s scales been a gentle goal over the past few months. Because I used so many blood products during my pregnancy because of my requirement for anti D, I felt that when the waiting periods allowed I should give back; especially since constant blood tests and shots wore down my aversion to needles. So I booked in and almost three months ago walked over after work. I filled in my paperwork, worrying over points I thought might prevent me donating, and was directed to weigh myself.
Surely not, I thought as I looked at the scale. Surreptitiously, I stepped off of the scale, turned it off with my toe, and turned it on again. Blinked. Swallowed the lump in my throat.
I knew I wasn’t as fit as I was pre-pregnancy. I knew I didn’t want to try putting my old jeans on, and that I wasn’t getting time to exercise. I knew I was eating better than I used to but nowhere near as well as I could. I didn’t know I was still the same weight as around the day after I gave birth.
Since then, I’ve been trying to move a bit more, eat a lot better and fill up on healthy foods without snacking too heavily on energy boosting sugary treats. I’m not hoping for a miracle, just that a little bit of the weight might have shifted and that I won’t be looking at the same unwelcome number on that scale tonight.

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