For the last few months..well, years, Pete has been constructing a chicken coop for our flock. They used to free range in the yard because our older dog Sasha didn’t care about them in the slightest, however, Konrad the German Shepherd is a different barrel of monkeys. The type that was once caught towing a chicken around the backyard by her tail feathers, and that rushes at pigeons that dare to land on his territory.

We fenced in the bottom three feet of the coop when we built it to keep the girls safe from Konrad’s attentions, and finished the top panels a couple of months ago. We planned to put mesh over the top eventually, but the local pigeons forced our hand this last week as they’ve taken to dropping in for a feed of whatever the chickens have – their seed and their table scraps!

Pete got the mesh panels finished last night and we looked forward to our feed lasting longer..but we just came home to find 15 pigeons hanging out in our coop! Turns out they found a neat little gap between the mesh and decided to sneak in.

Pete’s managed to chase them off through the hatch we built into the front of the coop for feeding and is out fixing it up now, but his face when he saw pigeons on the roost was priceless!

It’s not the first time strange animals have turned up here and it won’t be the last, but it makes me wonder how often things like this happen to other people!

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