What a year 2016 was – as much as I wanted to be in the garden more, I had to learn to garden with a wee one in tow. It’s turned out as I hoped (chubby little hands stealing my tomatoes are the only ones I’ll tolerate) but it has been a learning process. A steep one, that’s included gardening with a certain person on my back, grabbing at plants and throwing me off balance sometimes, but it’s been fun just to see the way she makes a beeline for her favourite things, like pea pods and ripe red tomatoes.

This year, I’m going to try to record what I collect from the garden more diligently – I do know that by this time over the past few years, I was gifting people my excess tomatoes left, right and centre, but so far the season has been slow, and the vegetable patch is full of greenery and unripe fruit.

Sunday January 1


  • 6 eggs (2 duck, 4 chicken)
  • 1x zucchini 517g
  • 1x bird’s eye chilli
  • 170g tomatoes (112g Sweet Bite, 58g Cherry)

Monday January 2


  • 4 eggs (1 duck, 3 chicken)
  • 1x cucumber 213g
  • 1x capsicum 135g
  • 150g tomatoes (all Sweet Bite)
  • 1x bird’s eye chili
  • a handful of coriander

This is how I’m having to spot my Sweet Bite tomatoes at the moment – very carefully moving leaves and branches out of the way to look for the rosy red fruit. I only planted two of these plants, but they’re producing really well this year. I’m putting that down to sourcing my seedlings from a local nursery that grows their stock on site, so it’s all acclimated to my local area, as opposed to trucked in stock at the big green box. Next season hopefully I can start my own seeds – I normally have everything except tomatoes, eggplants and peppers from seed, but we weren’t organised enough last year!


And what have I done with those tomatoes? Well, they’re a reliable snack for Olivia, so I hand them to her when I’m naking dinner. A bunch also wound up with some smoked chicken on pizzas for dinner tonight.

Wherever you are, I hope your garden is producing more heavily that mine!





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2 Comments on Harvest Monday – January 2 2017

  1. Wow, it sounds like your normal start of the tomato glut starts exceptionally early! In the states it is common to aim to have the first ripe tomato by the 4th of July, which would be the equivalent of the 4th of January in your hemisphere so it would be rather unusual to have such a glut so early here. My micro climate is an odd one and I’m happy if I get my first ripe tomato by mid August!

    You’ve got your hands full with both Olivia and a garden. What fun it must be to watch her enjoying the all that the garden has to offer.

    • She’s definitely being a handful lately – she used to be an amazing cot sleeper and now she’s up at random times looking for mama!
      I think it might be our Mediterranean climate here in SA – our Springs tend to be quite warm so we normally get early soil warmth for planting. I spoke to someone the other day about gardening and his first comment was about the lack of tomatoes; it’s just been such a mild season.
      Yours sounds quite a bit colder! Do you gey snow?

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