Month: May 2016

Harvest Monday

My harvest this weekend was a bit of a downer – Konrad decided he’s interested in gardening again.

When he was younger, and only half grown, he developed an enjoyment of getting in to garden beds. At that stage, he’d do a bit of damage but he was mostly after eggs that the chickens had laid in clutches that they were hiding from him. Last Friday we had some appointments to go to and when we got home it was to find that one of our wicking beds had been attacked. Initially I thought it was just the wild weather, but seeing as though plants were pulled out roots and all, some just with snapped branches doesn’t seem very likely. Hopefully they’ll be able to recover a bit before Spring rolls around so we don’t have to replace them. And it sure wasn’t our other dog, Sasha, because she can’t jump at all!

I’ll spend the next few days figuring out what to do with all of the chillies that came off of the plant, in addition to the other things we picked once the chilli plants were back in the ground. In addition to the food we picked, I’ve had a half of a huge Queensland Blue pumpkin that mum gave me – I made a curried pumpkin soup and got the filling ready for tortellini with some ricotta I made, as well as a roll filling, the last two with spinach from the garden as well! There are some dill pickles in the fridge for burger nights that I made from some cucumbers that I got from the local farmer’s market, but I haven’t quite got around to using the peaches mum passed on to me from their neighbour’s garden. I did manage to give the lavender a haircut the other day with Olivia’s supervision (she spent her time trying to eat lavender stalks), so I’ve got two jars full of blossoms to use..maybe in some soap.

One thing I will need to do soon – figure out how to use my Malabar Spinach! This one has almost overtaken the bed it’s in and I’m pretty sure I saw another one popping up nearby. We’re also considering a front garden plan now since we had a very fortuitous visit to the library over the weekend..but that’s a story for another day!

Check out Dave’s harvest at Our Happy Acres and then have a look at everyone else’s!

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Harvest Monday

I’m back! I’m finally kicking that nasty ear infection and I’m starting to feel a lot more like myself now. I saw a specialist who confirmed that I had an ear infection and needed antibiotics so I spent the last couple of weeks watching too much TV (Vikings and The Last Kingdom) and cuddling Olivia.

I spent a little bit of time in the garden over the weekend; I picked jalapenos that Pete smoked straight away, lots of cayenne peppers that I’ll dry soon, and checked out my basil forest. The eggplants and capsicums are still going and the greens are going into overdrive so I’ll need to find some hearty, warming recipes for the coming cold weather.

The okra pods I left to mature for more seeds are starting to dry out and a confused little tomato seedling has popped up at the base of my apple tree – Autumn is officially here!


IMG_3793 IMG_3797 IMG_3805

Sick cuddles

So far I’ve been really lucky since Olivia was born; up until about three weeks ago neither of us had been sick. Then I got a cold, gave it to Olivia, and a week later we started to get a bit better.

Then last week I started to go downhill again. Yesterday morning I woke up and could hardly hear on one side! Straight to the doctor for some ear drops we went, then to a new little Mexican place close to home for some medicinal Mexican food. The chef cuddled Olivia while we ate our food because thry had just opened and we were the only ones there and we had a good chat before we left.

And now? Feeling much worse. The good food seemed to help for a few hours but last night I started going downhill again, and poor little Olivia’s sniffles have come back, too. Hopefully I’ll be able to get something constructive done soon because I’m starting to feel a bit stir-crazy..for now it’s baby cuddles on the couch and lots of tea!